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In a galaxy not so far away and from a planet not so dissimilar to our own lives human-like extraterrestrials. After a millennium of destroying their home planet a group of brave explorers have ventured out into the vast universe. Their expedition is to find a new forever home. Doug the extraterrestrial has had an unyielding voyage. A thousand light years into his travels Doug encountered a meteor debris field causing an emergency change in trajectory. Doug now finds himself on a crash-landing course for earth. After landing it seems his ships emergency protocols have locked him within the cockpit. Can you help Doug escape before his ships’ atmosphere dissipates?  


  1. Discover the escape tool

  2. Find the sweet spot and unlock latches

  3. Release the cockpit and free Doug


6061 Aluminum (6 unique pieces)

360 Brass (2 Unique Pieces)

Compression Springs

Brass Dowel pins

Radial Bearing (2 sizes)

Dimensions: 153cm x 70cm

Weight: 1.12Kg

Classification: Mechanical Take Apart

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