'The Tumbler' was my soft start into the puzzle world. This puzzle was designed to resemble Wil Strijbos’s cylinder puzzle with some added internals to increase difficulty.

As a fun gesture I gifted a couple copies of 'The Tumbler' to close friends after their undergraduate commencement ceremony. They loved it!

Very very soon after finishing this little guy I came across the entry form for the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition IPP38. I then switched to creating a more difficult version of 'The Tumbler'. A few weeks later 'The Double Tumbler' was fresh off the machine.

Hello World. It seems you have found your way to KeegansCorner. This website was developed to help connect puzzle solvers, builders and collectors to some fun creations I have come up with over the years. I hope to use this platform as a way to showcase some of my past and future metal puzzles. Hope you like what you see!


Currently I am a graduate student at The University Of Oklahoma enrolled in the Gallogly College Of Aerospace And Mechanical Engineering. With a little luck and some more all night cram sessions I will graduate with my M.S. in Mechanical Engineering May of 2020.


I spent many years working for a manufacturing company before returning to school in 2015. I feel blessed that I was exposed to a wide variety of work as a young man. I started as a pressure vessel code welder then moved onto manual metal turning and milling machines and eventually to computer numerically controlled machines. Was even able to squeeze some grinding machine work and thermal spray processes into the mix during that time. 


My puzzle story started in 2014 when I purchased my first puzzle from Wil Strijbos, The highly popular Aluminum Cross. This puzzle was purchased for a very good friend of mine as a birthday gift. I admit here that I did give it a whirl before gifting and wow was I hooked. 


In 2017-18 I was enrolled in a series of Design and Manufacturing Process courses at University where my first puzzle idea was able to come to fruition, ‘The Tumbler’.

It seemed however that 'The Double Tumbler' would not make the journey to IPP38 alone.

My prototype 'Jewel Thief' puzzle also made the trip. Inspiration for this puzzle was again given to me by one of Will Strijbos's puzzles, have we heard of 'The Angel Box'? I just became obsessed with "freeing" a little trapped creature.


I have not had the privilege of ever putting hands on 'Angel Box' but I said to myself lets just make something and see where it goes. Soon Jewels The Jewel Thief and 'Jewel Thief' puzzle went from my computer to the machine, to some friends then to IPP38.   


Just some ramblings about my first steps into the void of puzzle love. It has been a truly great experience and journey. I look forward to our many future breakthroughs and headaches. 


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