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The Scarf puzzle is a simplified version of a keyed Scarf joint. This style of joint put simply is made by notching two pieces of material at their ends. This mirrored notch is constructed in such a way as to allow the pieces to lock together end-to-end. These

notched pieces are then typically secured by some geometry of perpendicularly intersecting dowel. The trick lies in the disassembly of this structure. Do you find yourself up to the task?


  1. Unlock Scarf Joint Dowel

  2. Remove Scarf Joint Dowel

  3. Separate Halves of Scarf Puzzle


6061 Aluminum

Mill Spec Acrylic

Compression Springs

Dimensions: 11.3cm x 8.25cm x 23.2cm

Weight: 0.49kg

Classification: Mechanical Take-Apart

Please contact if interested.

(Generating waitlist for interested parties)

(Production likely January 2020)

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