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Jewel Thief

Suggested Difficulty:



Seeking: Partner in Crime

Jewels, the world-famous jewel thief, has finally been caught by the local constable. She is hoping to find a partner in crime who can help her escape. For your efforts, she will allow you to try and retrieve her jewel from her jewel vault. If you are successful, you can keep this prized gem!


  1. Use the BRASS KNOB and QUADRANT LEGEND to ENUMERATE the combination.

  2. Free Jewels the jewel thief.

  3. Retrieve prized jewel from jewel vault.


6061 Aluminum

C360 Brass

Mill Spec Acrylic

Stainless Steel Dowel Pins

Compression Springs

Dimensions: 11.2cm X 14.3cm X 4cm

Weight: 1.33Kg

Classification: Mechanical Take-Apart

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