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Bananas is quite the curious creature, always creating havoc and meddling in things he shouldn’t. Over the years he has become very crafty in his midnight escapes. Keegan’s Wildlife Park has created a super kennel for Bananas hoping to keep him contained during the late night hours. Banana’s gets quite lonely during these long nights and would love some adventure. If you can free Bananas and bribe him with a late night snack you just might become his new best friend. Happy adventuring! 


  1. Release your tool(s)

  2. Move vault bars to unlock cage

  3. Introduce yourself to Bananas

  4. Befriend Bananas by treating him to a healthy snack


6061 Aluminum (21 Machined Parts)

360 Brass (4 Machined Parts)


Compression Springs

Stainless Steel Dowel Pins

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Brass Dowel Pins

Radial Bearing 

Dimensions: 8.5cm X 8.5cm X 11.5cm

Weight: 1.45Kg

Classification: Sequential Discovery

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